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[made by [info]calluna]

This is a role playing journal for the role playing game Drama Drama Duck.
Character: Richard “Ringo” Langly
Series: X-files: Currently the time line is 1997/1998. I will be doing a canon move every month pushing it to the next season. I would have originally started it at a later date, but I had assumed that castmates might enjoy an earlier setting. I will continue to push forward. Should I recieve castmates I'll stop and set to work with what they wish to attempt.
Langly is one of the three members of the Lone Gunmen group. He is their communication’s expert, usually found relaying information to one of the guys. At a young age, he had very strong computer skills. Very little, he claims, can stop him from what he wants on the computer. Some of the gadgets they use in the shows were his personal inventions. It is never mentioned if he ever pursued a career in computer programming or got a degree. Either way, his parents weren’t happy with his computer skills and what he used them for. They felt that he should stick to the farm, a practical and respectable job. He often complains about how he could easily live a more comfortable life as a hacker then tracking after government conspiracies.
It was said he grew up on a farm, raising cattle, where his only comfort were the three television stations they had back then and later, the computer. As a child, he was often picked on because of his hair and glasses. Little is mentioned of his past, it seems that he was a loner and distant from his family.
The Lone Gunmen:
The Lone Gunmen are a group made of three guys, wanting to preserve the American Dream and writing about what the government doesn’t want their readers to know. Their newspaper, the Lone Gunmen, is often compared to the tabloids. Very rarely are they taken seriously. However, they have enough people supporting their cause, as none of them have a day job and rely solely on the funds from their supporters. Mulder happens to be one of their avid readers.
Each one is talented in a special area, and while they tend to not get along all the time, they will work together. If one of them is in danger, they will do what it takes to retrieve their missing comrade. They can often be seen helping Agent Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and later Agent Dogget, and Reyes. In the last season, the trio dies while helping Agent Dogget, Reyes, and a friend on a case. Prior to this, they had lost their newspaper using their funds to track a missing comrade.
The Lone Gunmen also had a short-lived spin off series, called the Lone Gunmen. (They also had two new members to their team). The show had been cancelled before the first season was completed despite the large fan base they had. In the X-Files, the Lone Gunmen were given these three episodes: “Unusual Suspects”, “Three of a Kind”, and “Jumpshark”. “Jumpshark” is the last episode where they were killed off. Later, it was stated that Mulder talks to their ghosts in “The Truth”. Aside from these episodes, they can be seen briefly helping out their agent friends.


Langley tends to be the “hippie” of the group. He could care less what he looks like, and is usually irreverent. His has long blond hair, thick black glasses, constantly wears a rock band shirt, some form of running pants, and converse hi-tops. His long hair often gets him mistaken for a girl. Out of the three, he tends to be the one to crack the jokes and not take everything Mulder says seriously. He has his limits of how far a conspiracy can go.
When he’s not busy working on an assignment for the Lone Gunmen, he wastes his time playing a video game (one record being two weeks) or involved in a Dungeons and Dragons game where he is called “Lord Manhammer”.
Langly often complains of having a weak stomach and can be usually seen retching somewhere. This could range from siphoning, seeing a dead body, watching an autopsy, etc. He’s also usually the first one to bet hit by flying objects or be the first to accidently set off a trap they thought they had taken care of.
He tends to be the most paranoid of the three (though not by much). He taps all incoming phones and, at one point, refused to be part of a teleconference. He didn’t want his image being bounced off a satellite. He’s also the one to ask Mulder to erase any of their phone messages or emails. If they are being followed, he is the first to shout about hiding the license plate to keep from being tracked.
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