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Langly wasn't much of a sociable person. In fact, he was surprised himself that he was throwing a party.... A party that wasn't centered around Dungeons and Dragons. He hoped that the party would go smoothly as he really didn't know a lot of the people he had invited. Luckily, he was able to kick out his friends for the day, telling them that it was table top night. Hearing that was a good enough excuse for them to leave.

His big concern was how Crocker was going to react when he came over expecting cheese steaks. It was hard to predict how the older man would react to anything. He had been worried about Crocker for a while, and he hoped that the party would help lighten the mood for him. After all, he would be surrounded by all of his friends.

Now that the place was decorated and some music going on in the background, he just had to wait for the guests to arrive.
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Langly wasn't too worried about using their headquarters as a meeting place. The guys were out for a while, dealing with personal issues they wanted to clear up. It was the first place he could think that would be safe. He just wanted to make sure Crocker was alright can calmed down before they could let him return to his world.

Granted, he wasn't happy with what Crocker had done, he couldn't just ignore him either. He viewed Crocker as a friend and respected his quest for the truth. It forced him to rely on someone he didn't know and probably wouldn't have trusted right away.

They always said he was the more brash one of the Lone Gunmen. His downfall was that he cared about the people he came to know. While Crocker was asleep, he worked on taking off the straight jacket he was wrapped in.


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